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Nathan Bush is a highly sought after speaker, writer, author, and markeing professional. One of the most inspirational and motivational men of his time. He delivers a high impact, educational performance that has improved businesses bottom line. With over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Asset Management, his systems have generated millions of dollars in bottom line profits for thousands of sales professionals, leasing agents, property managers, & investors.


Nathan is the Founder and President of Priority Investing, LLC. a National Consulting Practice impacting and changing lives across the United States. Nathan holds an MBA with an emphasis in accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management and a B.A in Nonprofit Management from Lindenwood University.Nathan wrote the book Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development and has been a guest speaker and facilitator at national conferences on the topics of leadership.

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Have you ever wondered how to get leads for your business? No blogging, tweeting, posting, liking, or sharing! If your like most small business owners, your busy working in your business and you don't have time for marketing, operations, and customer service!

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Imagine getting one, two, or even three more clients without any more work, time, or awkward conversations! We help small businesses, without huge marketing budgets, market to real estate investors, property managers, and real estate agents in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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In a 3 minute conversation, at no cost to you, we show you how to generate more leads. No spam emails to read, no ebooks to download just two people having a conversation about lead generation!

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