Nikki Royce Hearing Instrument Specialist at Miracle-Ear, Inc. October 11, 2019, Nikki reported


 I have worked for Nathan for the past year and he has helped coach and develop my talent in a wide variety of skillsets. He has shown great copywriting and marketing skills as well as the ability to run multiple facets of a self organizing department. He has a knack for sales methodology and strategic growth in a data driven style that promotes growth and revenue. Team-building and creative management make him a good coach and leader at multiple levels within an organization. He studies metrics, develops an agile strategy and moves the needle of progress in many directions at the same time. His ideas and strategies generate solutions and I enjoy working with him 

Angela Haldeman Broker Salesperson at Experience Realty Partners April 19, 2017, Angela


 I had the pleasure of working with Nathan for two years. He's a dynamo! He attacked all tasks with efficiency and competency, succeeding past every hurdle that he encountered. Our team grew exponentially under his oversight, while our profits and market share increased. His leadership skills are unmatched, and he's tenacious in his ability to problem solve. Most importantly, he's just a great guy, with a big heart and an impeccable character. I'd recommend him to any organization looking for a dynamic, inspirational leader.  

Laura Bruyere Owner; Executive Problem Solver at Apartment Leasing Solutions January 25, 2018,


I've had the pleasure of knowing Nathan for several years throughout his career in the multifamily industry. Nathan is an outstanding professional, energetic and eager to not only seek out ways to advance in his passions, but also help others.

Chuck Robinson Hearing Instrument Specialist at Miracle-Ear, Inc. October 11, 2019, Chuck reported


I worked with Nathan for two years as a marketing manager as well as a sales manager. Nathan excels at multichannel marketing and at sales closing. His focus on team development and growth was instrumental to improved sales and driving revenue.

Dennis Biggs New Car Sales Consultant at Jim Trenary Automotive Group April 30, 2015,


 Nathan Bush is the definition of leadership. Since I have known him he has personally helped me realize and reach my full potential. He is a veritable wealth of knowledge on business and leadership. His belief in horizontal leadership is powerful and he wishes for the success of everyone within his company. Nathan Bush is more than a business mogul. He is a talented writer, speaker, philanthropist, friend and family man. He is able to obtain success in all areas of his life because of his dedication and his personal growth system of value goals. Set yourself up for success by taking the time to learn from him and apply his principles to your life and business. 

John Beidle, EA CEO, CDO at New Energy Opportunities LLC November 4, 2016, John worked with Nathan


Nathan is a great speaker for any business event. He is very knowledgeable on goal setting, social media, leadership and time management. He presents well and works well with the audience on answering questions. I am sure I will ask him to speak again.