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I have delivered over 200 exciting and energized presentations that have grown people and businesses bottom lines.

Writing and Reflection

I continue to improve my writing style and skill. This skill helps attract business, team members, and partners.

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Marketing and Operations

Miracle Ear St. Louis - Direct Mail, On-line, Grassroots, and Telemarketing.

Marketing and Sales

Us Revi Rentals - Signage, Text Marketing, Online Marketing, Email, Telemarketing, and Grassroots.

Relationship Marketing

Eaton Properties - Referral Generation, Tradeshows, Online Marketing, Grassroots, Affiliate Product.


Professional Equities Inc. - Recruitment, Trainging, Team Development, Broker Partnerships, Online Marketing, Website Development.

Direct Sales and Marketing

Your Neighborhood Nut Co. - Opening  Accounts, Presentation Design, Advertising, and Displays.

Sales and Marketing

J & J Beauty Supply- Selling, Product Training, and Sales Training.